Pasagshak & Chiniak Bunkers With Tiffany & Cheryl

Pasagshak…the mountains make it beautiful!Real waves! The surf is so gentle on most of the island but here there are actual waves.  I love the sound of them rushing the shore.
We ran into one of the ladies from the Coast Gaurd women’s Bible study there.   Heather thank you for taking our picture! We appreciate having a picture of the three of us that is not a selfie ❤️.

 Our next stop was fossil beach. 


We didn’t plan ahead for the one restaurant in the area to be closed.  Cheryl came to the rescue with her bag of spicy cashews.  How did we miss that detail.  Next was some of the Chiniak bunkers.  On the way we spotted salmon in the stream stopping to take pictures.  

On the way home we called and woke up Lyli (by request) who met us at Aquamarine for dinner before work.  We had plans to have a bonfire on the beach, but I was wiped from staying up all night and all day, so we retired early.

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