It’s Been Raining (more ways than one)

It rained most of the week.  We had a down day of me falling asleep on the couch after work and not getting out of my uniform until after 3:00pm, that’s embarrassing.  The next day it was still raining we slept in and then visited the library to restore our book stockpile.  The kids signed up for a beach art class and the librarian asked Caleb if he would be around for the school year since she had a friend who would be teaching a Lego robotics class during the school year that she thought he would enjoy.  That would be cool…maybe they have something like that in Salem.  We do love this place.  Granted, we have not been here in the winter, but if we did not have so much family and a home in Oregon we would be more than tempted to stay here.  We went home and read most of the rest of the day away thinking that maybe perhaps the next day would be a little dryer and the forcast gave us some hope.  The next day Chad admitted to being a little stir crazy and there was a break in the weather so we headed out with the fishing poles stopping at McD’s for lunch it started to down pour.  So instead we decided to look around Ray’s which is an outdoor sport store.  I was able to talk a while with Suzanne, but Eve was over tired from keeping herself up too late at night and her behavior just not acceptable so we had to move on.  Caleb found some awesome tackle boxes that he bought for keeping his legos organized and then promptly filled them.  They were the perfect size and he thinks that he will be getting more of those for organizational purposes later.  We went home and Eve took a nap.  The rest of us read more.  I have three big books on my plate and am a slow reader.  Besides the Bible which both Chad and I are reading through on a three month program (that is a lot of reading every day) I am also working on “The Well Trained Mind” by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer to help me make school plans for this year  and “The Last Run” by Todd Lewan which is a true story about an Alaska seas rescue.  

Reading these guys at my speed is a full time job, and maybe only a warm up for school.  The kids have been making more art projects and haven’t complained too much about not being out and busy.  

We stopped yesterday and took pictures with the ginormous crab pots that have been on our to do list for the last month. 
The kids made Alutiiq masks here is Hannah showing off her seal mask!more reading and a bit of dog pile on mommy.Watching the movies Hannah recieved as a birthday gift. 
It has rained in other ways too in the last couple of weeks.  Our roof at home has been leaking and the contractor we hired to look at it said he can patch it for $1,100 but it is going to need to be replaced in the next couple of years.  Eve will have Dr. bills coming from her broken arm.  Our schooling when we get home plans have fallen through.  We started Caleb in Kindergarten at four because he was ready for it.  He could write all of his letters, his name, count change, and his favorite book was the unabridged “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell and “Charlottes’s Web” which he had read all by himself.  Since then we have progressed him one grade each year not skipping a single one and now getting ready to go into Seventh grade we have been told by our homeschool co-op that we can’t put him in seventh grade until he is 12.  I suppose there is a little humor in this because the whole reason we started homeschooling to begin with is because we were going to get that same answer from public school in Kindergarten even though he was reading at a 6th grade level.  We have never regretted this decision, but now we have to decide if the program has enough merit to be worth the good money it costs to put him in sixth grade for a second year, just put the little ones in, or none at all.  Chad took the car in for a front end alignment on Monday and was told a list of things need to be replaced first.  Parts and labor will be $2000.  Chad is handy with a car though (with everything really) and will be able to get the parts for much less and replace them when he is in Homer at a friends house who has the tools in August.  I am starting to grieve that I will not be working with my first love, Silverton Family Birth Center, when we get home as the likely hood that a perdiem position will open up is slim to none and let’s face it I have so much on my plate already I can’t do any more than that. 

The good news is that we serve the provider of all providers this re-entry into the atmosphere of normal life is going to be turbulent and most likely burn but what ever is burned off we didn’t need anyway.  May we keep our eyes on you Father God. Your plans are to keep us, to prosper us, and not to harm us. 

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2 thoughts on “It’s Been Raining (more ways than one)

  1. Jen

    Amen! Way to end this blog post with a reminder that God is in control! I am a cc’r w hopes of traveling…. I stumbled across your blog can’t wait to read it tonight in breaks in between work. Would u be available to chat with some questions about your travels…. What u did for insurance… Etc thanks!

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