35 Years Young

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband! Hannah had planned a suprise breakfast, but she needed his help with it so it probably wasn’t as much of a surprise as she had planned.  She made his favorite biscuits and gravy for breakfast complete with paper party hats and a Christmas chain type boa for the guest of honor.  Eve decorated his chair with her clothes.  It worked. 

I went back to bed after breakfast worn from lack of sleep and neededing to rest up more for work.  That whole lack-of-sleep headache was on in full force.  Chad took the kids to the fish and game to get a fishing licence and on to the Buskin river to try out their new cheepest fishing rods ever.  We aren’t much of a fishing family and have a lot to learn.  No one caught anything but I’m sure they learned some things.  For dinner Chad cooked the Pickled Willy’s frozen cod we bought shortly after our arrival.  It was juicy and so yummy.   

Time for work. 

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