God Is Good

And we think God is not concerned with the details of our lives! It is so not true.  I now have a couple of Kodiak deliveries under my belt and they were both amazing.  I managed a short 1-1.5 hour nap before church which kept the I’m-way-over-tired headache at bay.  We had invited some friends to church, and I didn’t work Sunday night so I wanted to stay up long enough to go to church. Besides that, I missed last week due to working the whole weekend and I like going to church.   Kodiak Nazarene sings a lot of praise and worship oldies from my childhood era which are fun to sing and easy to get into.  The sermon, on grace, was good.  The people here have so far been easier to get to know than in most of the places we have been and these friendships have always been our favorite part of travel nursing.  It was fun to share that with friends.  A few times, but ever so briefly, I felt preoccupied with wonder at how they were perceiving the service.  As quickly as those thoughts came into my head I pushed them out.  They will form their own opinions and need to do what is best for their family and all that is between them and God and had nothing to do with me.  In life we go through dry spells wondering where God is at and is there any good left in the world. Then, we go through times where we can feel his love and companionship burning in our hearts.  I often wonder how people can possibly not believe in God as he is so real and feels so close to me most of the time. After church we made dinner plans to come and see their new pad out towards Chiniak then made a bee line for our house only stopping to get some food for lunch. Sleep was at the top of my priority list and so Eve and I crashed with directions for Chad to wake us up at 3:30pm to head out to our dinner date.  I hope they forgive me for looking like death warmed over.  The getting everyone in the car and drive out took longer than I anticipated so we were more than fashionably late.  We found them easily though, and are now so jelous of their views and “neighborhood” so so beautiful.  We visited until Logan woke up from his nap and then headed down the beach to find the rusty old WWII water to land landing vessel.  There is WWII military equipment strewn across this whole island.  Eve was dawdling far behind so most of these pictures are taken by Hannah Banana.  

So cool. On the way back from the boat ruins the tide had come in a bit so we had to get a little wet going around one of the bigger rocks.  It is good that the waves just barely lap the shore here. So we weren’t in danger of anything besides getting wet.  I had my danskos so I took them off and threw them around the corner at the beach.  One of them still got wet but one did not.  I took off My socks and put them in my pocket then rolled up my pants.  My intentions were to lift Eve around but she just jumped in pants and all before I could help her, getting herself all wet.  Crazy girl. Back at camp we changed her into her frog tog pants because that is all we had (I guess we should have been more prepared for that.).  She went on playing with Logan having to hold her pants up. It wasn’t too long before we noticed that she had a tear in her pants on her upper leg so that the pants no longer had good coverage. She had snagged it on some brush.  Major bummer as those where her hiking waterproof pants from grandma.  Oh well what could we do now.  She ended up putting on a pair of Logan’s shorts and heading back out to play.  They were inseparable those two.  Playing so well together the entire time.  So cute. 

We so enjoyed the company of Mike and Sandra.  We visited for five hours and never ran out of things to talk about.  We enjoyed their perspectives, attitudes, and testimony, not perfect people, working hard at life. Maybe this is what is so attractive about them.  

Even Zoey is amazed by the view it is so beautiful in Kodiak, and this campsite may be one of the best views on the island.  We don’t get a ton of good pictures together so I’m posting this one… I love my Chad man.

Could this dinner be any better!?! So delicious, and the angel food cake, strawberries and cool whip for dessert ended up being the perfect complement.  Thank you Powers family for dinner and friendship.  We love you guys.

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!

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