White Sands Beach Kodiak Alaska

So this post will probably mostly be pictures but we may have just found our new favorite place on this planet. It was so gorgeous, the warm sunshine and cool breeze made it perfect!!!  It is at the end of the road headed north (I think that is the right direction).  The sand was black, but somehow looked white from a distance.  We enjoyed the views, climbing on the rocks, watching a snorkeler who was spear fishing, and skipping rocks.   

We probably let the kids climb a little too high, but I couldn’t get pictures of that.  We wouldn’t want to scare grandma 😉.  The kids had a blast, Chad had a blast, I could not imagine a better way to spend the day.  We came home and had left over watermelon and cake from the potluck at church for dinner.  We have been eyeing the forcast and expect that we will see much more rain this up coming week! 

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