Crab Fest 2016

We slept in, and I was behind on my reading so we hung at the house until around 10:30am then headed to the famed, in Kodiak at least, Crab Fest.  It turned out that we just missed the parade, oops, but the the rest of the Saturday festivities were just picking up.  We felt lucky to have found close parking.  The very first thing this morning was the Coast Gaurd rescue demonstration.  It was awesome!  I don’t think the pictures do it justice at all and my phone just doesn’t have enough memory to do more than a couple minutes of video. Bear with me I will try to post both. 

The kids were able to touch some crabs that were being pulled up from a boat that just came in.  They are dungeonous crabs.  The picture below that we bought two pounds of king crab for our Crab Fest appetizer.  It was soooo good, the best crab I have ever eaten for sure. 

Then we tried Soda Jerk which was recommended by a patient.  So fun.  I hope this picture is good enough quality for you to see the menu. 

Since everything that we bought was shared with all five of us we felt like we were eating all day.  Chad bought a pollock burger (he and the kids had explored the crab fest Thursday too and they had already tried the famed Bruen burger) and we bought some sushi.  Then we sat down to watch the survival suite races. ​

I think Eve’s favorite part was playing in the water of the harbor next to the dock.  She found the little boy that she was playing trains with on the ferry and they played for maybe a couple of hours.  Chad watched the fish toss and the big kids checked out the carnival games and could go around the festival together with just checking back in with me every 15 minutes.  I was enjoying the sun and watching Eve play.  Chad and I visited with the parents of Eve’s little friend to see how they were settling in after their first week of living in the island and their new job.  We exchanged numbers and bought a big bag of kettle corn before leaving making it home just before 6:00pm.  

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