Shocks, Struts..Timing Belt and More

In the last two days we have recieved some exciting news.  I was offered a per diem position that I accepted so we are feeling a little more ready for our return to “normal” life.  My dream job at this time would be per diem at both of my favorite hospitals.  With one I can hold out and wait for the other.  I love my coworkers, and Labor & Delivery and want to be a pinch hitter for the busy days while taking a brake from the crazy schedule we have been keeping for the last two years.  Chad, Grandpa and Uncle Richard have been preparing our retiring age car for the long haul up to Kodiak.  We have been good about regular maintenance, but at 275,000 miles a thorough check up was needed and a whole list of things replaced.  And last but not least.  It is late but knowing my little sister is in the area headed this way is going to make it hard to sleep.  We are so excited to enjoy the company of Suzanne, Jeremy, Hadassah, and Elijah this week.  I have to work every day except one that they are here making me a little bummed.  The kids are anxious for them to come and I am hoping they are anxious to get here and hang with us and Grandpa too.  

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