Time to Tackle the Garage

We are down to the wire on getting Grandpa’s house ready for renters.  And today we got the guest bathroom cupboards and drawers cleaned out, most of the furniture in Grandpa’s room moved out, the electronics and big entertainment/dresser moved out.  The food cupboards are empty, and Grandpa’s spices and medications have all been packed up.  We almost have all the dishes packed.  The magnets and photos are off of the fridge, besides the kid’s paper mess the house is looking pretty bare.  Grandpa visited us also and stayed for about four hours helping in the garage, this was a first as this transition is happening so fast and it has been hard on him.  He keeps telling us that he wants it done, he is so thankful we are doing it but he can’t watch or be here.  He seemed to do well today though and we surely did enjoy working along beside him.   



  At the end of the day we gathered in front of the house for a two year travel anniversary photo.  Two years ago today we took a huge leap of faith.  Practicing leaning on God daily he has carried us at times.  We are so thankful we were lead out of our comfort zones it has been so worth it.  


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