Costa Mesa was farther away but ran right by the Starbucks in Fallbrook which makes everything better.  I left the alarm set at 0415 but took my time getting ready  not getting out of the house until nearly 0500.  Yes I was still really early.  It gave me time to work on our blog posts and talk to my mom on the phone as she went to work, it was a good conversation too.  Our days here are numbered.  Chad and the kids leave in one week.  A lot needs to get done and coordinated between now and then and I only have two days off. Tomorrow and next Monday or Tuesday.  Then It will just be me here for my last two weeks.  I will get to bunk with Uncle Richard, Grandpa Lawhead, and Marisa as the Fallbrook house will have new tenants moving in on the 1st.  It is going to go by fast.  I look at the plan and it makes me a little dizzy. We will be in Salem all of a day and a half before leaving for Alaska all of our things will need to be unpacked and repacked as we will need different things thank goodness Chad and the kids will have an extra week to help with the pod, a chance for pre-packing, and it will give the kids more play time with Cyrus, Aunt Stephanie, and Uncle Jayson a few of their favorite people on the planet.  As my mom and I talked plan I feel at peace that it will all get done.  That doesn’t make it easier to get it all done, but it really has gone well for the nature of this kind of family experience.  Who ever looks forward to sorting, dividing, organizing and clearing out their grandparents home meanwhile considering everyone’s feelings, desires, and doing whatever possible to respect and make it easier on your loved ones? Continued prayer will be needed in this area but God has been gracious.  We are all still friends as well as relatives.  

Class was ok, disappointing compared to my two previous STABLE classes.  The panda transport team from OHSU teaches an awesome STABLE class.  You have to have years of critical care NICU to have the experiences and stories as well as the confidence to teach this class well.  Instead of leaving confident in my refreshed skills ready to conquer the world.  I can barely remember what stable stands for because we didn’t even really talk about that.  Each test answer was given before we had a chance to read it for ourselves.  I’m not sure what the point of having certificates and extra credentials if having them is not proof of you knowing he information or being trained to do well what it says that you can do on the paper.  Now sick babies don’t terrify me, but I definitely have a healthy fear as it can be scary. But I feel like I need to take the class over again tomorrow from a better teacher.  It will have to wait until next year though.  I got home shortly after 1pm (that is after the 70 mile drive…it was the shortest 8hr class ever 😕 maybe because it was less than 4 hours).  We visited Grandpa and talked about what this next weeks plans are and pod times and specifics of schedule.  Then we came home to let in the chimney sweep.  Grandpa met us at the house and we all went out for dinner. We have to make tomorrow count so I had better get some rest, goodnight. 

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