Stress or Providence 

The day was starting out well, at work, when I was asked for a copy of my fetal monitoring certificate.  My intermediate fetal monitoring was in 2010 and the advanced was in 2013 (actually I think I took both in 2013 but those were the two documents I had saved in my scanner and my most recent was 2013).  There is no expiration on AWOHNN fetal monitoring class certificates and at Silverton I was required to take it only the one time in 2010 and I worked there from 2005-2014. I have worked at several hospitals since my two year since the class mark and it had not been an issue.  I had planned on taking it again this assignment just because I wanted to but all of the sudden the tables were turned.  I was told that I could work today but not again until I had the fetal monitoring class.  Ok then.  I looked up classes in the San Diego area and noted that next week they had AWOHNN Intermediate Fetal Monitoring two day class, AWOHNN Advanced Fetal Monitoring one day class and S.T.A.B.L.E. in a row I only had to trade one day of work with a coworker who happened to be working and willing to trade and I could get them all done at once.  I looked at the rest of the month and never again are they all offered in a row like that, so although I feel bad that it has become an issue and I will miss one day of work because of it, causing my manager some stress, I find it amazing how once again God has perfectly orchestrated the details in ways we could have never anticipated.  Of course the state decided to visit that very same day causing additional stress.  Needless to say before the end of the day I was fighting a pounding headache just wanting to be home in the arms of my very supportive husband.  Yes for sure it was providence and for sure I trust that God will take care of me but I was feeling the stress and pressure/heat today.    

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