A Day of Walking, Old Sacramento

Both of the families that we came to Sacramento to visit had work and school during business hours so we had decided to spend the day at Old Sacramento which continues to be one of our favorite things to do in the Sacramento Area.  We had the time and needed the activity so we had decided that we would walk from Williams house to Old Sacramento.  (The kids were up early and out jumping in the trampoline by 0645.  It was so nice out.)

 Chad and I have done it several times but not with the kids.  GPS suggested a different route than the along-the-river route that we had taken in the past along a newer walking trail called the Clarksburg Trail.  I still wanted to walk the river, it was the route I knew and it held fond memories that I was enjoying remembering.  We headed toward the river passing by another cousins house.  We knew he had to work and the kids were at school, but as we passed a car pulled up (the baby sitter).  I text him and asked if he was home when he answered “yes, but I’m getting ready to leave.” I replied that we we out in front.  We talked for a while as Gerrit gathered his things for work, then he proposed that we come check out the tiny house he as been working on as he builds them now as his new job since retiring from the police department.  We rode out with him to his work.  The house he is working on is near enough to completion that you can imagine how it will look and flow.  It was a layout that would work for our family of five which is amazing to me.  I guess it shouldn’t be as I see fulltime families traveling in RVs.  They were so cool, I enjoyed hearing all of the explanations of how it all worked.  There was another house that was in progress, not quite as far as the first.  It was harder to visualize the layout, but fun to see the recognizable differences and customization.  That detour took us an additional mile away from our goal of making it to Old Sacramento.  It was no problem though as we were not far from the Clarksburg Trail so we hopped on there, and it was quite enjoyable.  

 After the trail ended we continued to walk up the train tracks.  The kids found loads of rusty old railroad nails, washers and other treasures to fill their pockets and purses.  They had fun watching the ground for treasures and pretty rocks.  It reminded me of walking down the railroad in Greenleaf with my Grandma Sherman..more fond memories.  

   5ish miles later we made it to Old Sacramento just in time to hunt down some lunch.   
  Eve banging the two railroad nails that she had found together to the street music being played behind her, enjoying the beat.   


Socks for Grandma Sherman, and a giant mug for Michael.  Old Sac has changed some over the years, but it is just such a relaxing place to just be that it keeps calling us back.  

 The horses and carriages must not be out in the middle of the week as we saw maybe one.  The school kids out on field trips were in full force. We again bypassed the train museum.  I think we have gone once, but we need to go again now that the kids are old enough to remember it.   






 We walked around for a couple of hours before deciding to take the along-the-river route back. Another 4-5 miles.  The kids were troopers we estimate that they walked about 12 miles on this outing.   Hannah was getting a little tired of her shoes and so she walked with out them for a while. No one complained about all the walking. 

 We made it back to Will’s house in time to spend som time with Trinity before she ran off to basketball practice.  The kids although tired loosened up out on the trampoline.    When it was time to go to Gerrits for dinner we all decided to walk (it is only a couple blocks away) except for Chad as he had to run to the store really quick.  We visited while the kids played and watched Frozen, then we all kind of watched Beauty and the Beast.  It has been a long time since I have watched that movie.     At the end of of the movie we found Nena painting Eve’s fingernails Eve was beaming as Nena had taken the time to paint every fingernail a different color and have even mixed a few colors to make a new color of purple just for her as that is her favorite color.   It was late, we were able to visit with Terri a little after work, but alas again the goodbyes came too soon.  Thank you for letting us come hang with you and your family on such short notice.  We love you guys and are glad for the opportunity to be with you even if it is just a short visit.  

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