Outerbanks (OBX)

  The Outerbanks is the place to go for vacation if you live in Virginia or North Carolina it is like the Keys in a way, a line of islands that are just off the coast extending south parallel to the coast.  There are six light houses (I believe) and several national and historical parks.  We felt it an appropriate way to spend our last non work day at this assignment.  We wanted to say goodbye to the Atlantic Ocean before turning back towards the pacific.  We did not set an alarm which would have been a good idea, so we got out of the house kind of late.  The Outerbanks is a 4.5 hour drive from Charlottesville.  It was around 2:00pm before we made it and the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk was our first stop.  



 The monument in the distance.

  Above: the hanger, below: the “camp” their temporary housing for when they were in the Outerbanks.  
    Above: the marker where the first airplane took off on flat ground. Below there are four makers beyond the starting point with numbers on them for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th flights.  The 4th attempt with the plane flying 800 ft. 
   The breeze was perfect, and the 74 degree weather felt hot after last weeks blizzard.  We decided it was nicer than most summer days on the Oregon beach and the kids bargained to spend just a little more time taking in the views from the monument that topped a sand dune and had an awesome view in all 360 degrees.  We stayed a little longer then raced down the sand dune getting extra pent up energy out of our little ones.  Hannah turned in her JR Ranger book for a badge and the volunteer gave her a badge for Eve as well even though she did not finish her book.  The volunteer was telling us that she goes around working at national parks and living in her Motorhome all over the US.  She asked the kids what their favorite parks were and Hannah told her that the Grand Canyon was pretty nice, and Hawaii.  She said she had never been to Hawaii so we encouraged her to some day see if she can volunteer at Volcano national park in Hawaii.   After the Wright Brothers National Memorial we headed towards Bodie Island Light house getting distracted about half way by a hammock shop.       And the coolest fire pit ever!!!     
 Only $1300 + 800 shipping and handling…  Chad actually found it on Amazon for $1400 with free shipping but still out of our budget for right now.  

We loved all the cool houses in the Outerbanks, some of them we ginormous!   


 Bodie light house could not be any more picturesque.  So amazingly beautiful.  

   After the light house we played on the dunes and at the beach for a little while before leaving the Outerbanks.  
    We saw two Osprey planes on our way to Elizabeth City, and the sun setting was beautiful.
 We were able to visit a friend and co-worker from Silverton Hospital in North Carolina named Katie.  It has been a little while since we have worked together and we reminisced about our time at Silverton and the labor and delivery practices we have witnessed since our time there.  I am frequently reminded how fortunate I was to have delivered my kiddos at Silverton.  I would have been a C-section with Caleb, and consequently the rest of my kids if I had delivered in many of the hospitals I have since worked at.  

We enjoyed our evening of visiting with Katie and Marty, Ava, Henry, and Thatcher.  The kids played so well together giving us time to visit and catch up. 




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