Are We Going to Visit Someone You know? Do They Have Kids?

I think the kids’ absolute favorite thing to do is visit other kids.  Pretty much every time we get in the car to go somewhere when we have asked the kids to bring extra clothes in their backpacks, in the first mile the kids ask us, “are we going to visit someone you know, and do they have kids?” Often we don’t tell them what the plan is, because it is always subject to change and we don’t want them to get their hopes up and then not be able to follow through.  But anytime we can visit friends with kids they are in heaven.  Yesterday we visited with Katie and Marty who have 6 kids, only three of whom were home for this visit.  They were the perfect ages and the kids all played so well together.  From 6:30 when we arived until bed time at 8:00pm they were playing non stop, and again from as soon as they were up in the morning until the moment the kids climbed on the school bus.   


 We had not planned on spending the night, but were completely blessed by the opportunity to spend the extra time together. Besides that their kids are such good kids and enjoyable to be around. Thank you Katie and Marty for having us over I hope we get a chance to visit with you in Oregon when you are there.  

Now for the long drive back to Charlottesville so I can be ready for work tonight.

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