Blizzard Update

I probably should have posted an update yesterday.  Our plan was for Chad to take me to the airport in the morning and get back home (one hour’s drive) before the snow started to fall.  I was aware that my flight would most likely get cancelled or at least delayed, but we had called the airlines Thursday morning and they had told me that if I wasn’t there at the airport I would not get refunded for my flight if it was cancelled and the reschedule timed they were offering me were ridiculously late in the week (like there was no point in going for so few days).  There was no way I would make it on Saturday, besides that, I just didn’t want my family on the roads.  We got up early and took a shower.  Then we recieved this text from our Virginia Sunday school teacher’s wife.  “I must say this..the airport in Richmond will be closed. You would be sleeping on a chair for a day or two at least. Our area has not seen anything like this. Not just snow. Wind. Blizzard. I feel led to say, I wouldn’t risk it. Snow is going to start soon. I totally understand about wanting to be there so u can possibly go, but I feel led right now to urge you and your family to not go. Praying right now for the Lord to give you peace about a decision..whichever it may be…as He leads. ”  I have to be honest and say I don’t take the advise of the wise adults in my life nearly as often as I should, but we did listen to this one.  

We called the airlines again and they were more willing to work with us this time.  The very earliest they could get me to Honduras is Tuesday afternoon. The week would be half over by then and it was way too early to call the West coast to talk with Roger our team leader to see if it would still be worth me coming.  In the mean time I talked to Mary Beth who would be filling my shoes in Honduras as she is an early riser and was already up at 0500.  She had already text me to ask what questions I normally ask and so I called her as it was easier than texting it all.  When my alarm went off to call Roger he wasn’t suprise by my news as he had been watching the forcast as well.  He was glad to hear that I had already talked to Mary Beth.  He said that one of the interpreters that we would be working with was a med student so they would pair those two up.  We decided that if they can get me in on Tuesday I would go and if the flight get’s pushed back any more due to weather it would no longer be worth my while to go.   

At that point I felt all dressed up with no where to go.  My bag was all packed.  I had showered and was all dressed and ready.  So I started cleaning the house.  It was a little weird to be at “home” (our apartment) as I had not yet spent s whole day at our apartment.  I was always either at work or gathering everything to leave for our next adventure.  Needless to say our space was in much need of some focused cleaning.  Around 10:30am the snow started.  

   The kids were just a little excited. The snow is the small dry powdery flakes that you would not associate with quick accumulation, but when it snows 27-30 hours even dry powdery snow can account for some deep snow.  
 I took a much neede nap and we had pizza and snow cream for dinner.  

 Snow cream is ice cream made from snow mixed with sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and milk.  It tastes a lot like vanilla ice cream and is a fun way to enjoy the snow.  We watched a movie about a swamp man and then all went to bed.  This morning we were eager to get up and see how much snow had fallen when we were sleeping.  The Honduras mission group called me on their stop in Huston to ask how much snow we have.  The cars are buried but it isn’t 3′ more like 15″.   

 We have cut the boys’ hair, makeup practice, kids yoga and kick boxing on YouTube,  and the kids have made their own edible snow concoctions as well as face timing most of our family members.

 It seems like now at 5:00ish pm the snow has stopped.  The next two days are forcasted to get above freezing during the day.  I am curious as to how much time it will stick around.

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One thought on “Blizzard Update

  1. Tina M. Fox

    Looks like you got quite a make-over!!

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