Best laid plans…

I have four shifts left in this assignment and only one stands between me and a mission trip to Honduras.  Well that and a predicted snow storm.  I have heard anywhere from 10″-33″ to fall before my departure time on Saturday.   I know I can do this up coming shift, but I am curious as to how the whole snow storm bit will play out.  It is all in Gods hands and I’m ok with that, he has the best laid plans anyway. 

Other news is, we have been so looking forward to Chuck and Donna (Grandma and Grandpa Owens) visiting this weekend as well.  As much as it pained us to do it, we called them and recommended they see if they can get the flight cancelled and refunded.  We don’t want them to get stuck in Denver or DC where they are predicted to have not only deep snow but flooding to follow.  Caleb has decided that he won’t celebrate his birthday this year(1/28), or at least until the 31st (when I’m supposed to be back home).  He said, “I’ve never celebrated my birthday with out Grandma Owens…”  Poor guy.  

On a positive note, we are getting stocked up on snow cream ingredients and hot chocolate in preparation for the snow, and we don’t have to solve our “we have no furniture for guests to sit on” dilemma. 

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