Night shift + NRP + long commute = one tired mommy

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the NRP mega code on the 7th but I wasn’t dreading it either.  I could have tried a little harder to get prepared for it.  Everytime I would try to read the book I would find myself nodding off, and there just hadn’t been much time at work for that anyway.  The mega codes I have been to in the past have been about one hour long at most so I don’t think too much of having to do it after a 12 hour night shift.  When we started hitting two hours then three I began to wonder how wiped I would be feeling for work that night knowing full well that if I didn’t get clocked out by 10:45 I would not be able to come back to work at my regularly scheduled shift because I would not have been off a whole eight hours.  We finished up and clocked out at 10:30am, drove the hour home and got into bed at approximately 11:45am with my alarm clock set for 4:45 pm.  I slept hard and probably could have slept all night but instead got up and ready for work.  

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