It’s a hard knock life

We tried boiled peanuts for the first time yesterday night.  I guess it was good road food as we were searching for good ways to fight off sleepiness for the last portion of our drive.  The kids decided they tasted and had the texture of stewed potatoes and to me they tasted more like beans.  They had a soft mushy texture and very savory flavor.   I don’t know that we will try them again since everyone besides me stopped after their first taste.  For sure it wasn’t bad, just different.  We arived home at 11:55pm to 19ish degree weather.  Brrrrr.  That seemed so cold and of course none of us were dressed for it.  We grabbed our essentials and dashed for the door.  Getting everyone through the bathroom and into bed as quickly as possible.  We all sleep on air mattresses so we are deffinately glad to have a real bed when we travel but for some reason even with air mattresses there is something about being back in your own bed.  We slept in until 8:30 am at least us grown ups did.  The kids were up around 7:15 am.  I had to get my NRP on line test done and a few other online tests for my next assignment done. I started working on that. The format seemed a little strange and stranger yet a few of the questions.  I had Chad looked at it and there didn’t seem to be any red flags that he saw.  I submitted it to the RN in charge of education in my current unit and went on to complete the ones required for my next assignment.  By the time I was done with those I had a message from Roxanne saying she had checked it out and the sight and instructor were not valad as it was not the AAP NRP certification.  Seriously we searched for NRP online exam and totally did not get the right one.  I don’t think we get suckered in to scams too much but this time they did get our recert money.  :(.  I logged back on and registered for the correct exam and passed it finishing just before 4:00pm.  Yay. At least that every two year requirement was mostly filled (I still have the mega code skill test scheduled for 1/7), but now I had only 45 minutes until I needed to be getting ready for work….I just wanted to cry.  I was tired and it had already been a long day.  I layed down and covered my head the dark and warmth was nice, but no sleep came to me.  A warm shower cheered me up and the music on the radio in the car was nice too.  It will all work out, and yea maybe I don’t feel like going to work, but do we ever feel like doing the things we know we must do?  I have my cinnamon tea in hand and I think I’m as ready as I will ever be.  

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