Christmas 2015

Work is the name of the game this Christmas, and really I don’t mind at all.  Most of the time I don’t mind working holidays.  We made the rule that the kids could not open their stockings until I got home from work.  Chad had made gluten free pumpkin pancakes and bacon for breakfast that was a special gift in it’s self.  The kids opened their stockings and the few gifts they had each been given.  Caleb recieved a camera and quadracopter, Hannah got a kindle and little birdie, Eve also got a camera and clothes as well as they all recieved socks and a few other things they had saved up and bought each other.  Not a lot, but it still sometimes feels like too much.  The girls declared that it was “the best Christmas ever!!!” And that they now have had everything they have ever wanted.  I crashed to get rest for work again that night getting up around 4:30pm to descover that Chad had gotten the kids all set up and tought them hoe to use their new toys.  It sounded like they had enjoyed the down day to just be together.  Chad had made a ham for Christmas dinner.  I left for work full and content.  There is so much joy in this season especially.  We are so thank ful to serve a God who loves and values each one of us and for the many moments, things, memories, experiences he has blessed us with this year.  


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