Thank you Lord for your protection

We had our fist fender bender in Conecticut on our way “home” from Maine 12/22.  It was raining and pooring and the person in front of us stopped really quickly…we stopped quickly too.  The person behind us did not stop quite as quickly.  If feld like a big jolt and I could imagine that the back end was probably crunched up a bit.  Chad got out and checked it out and to our suprise our car did not appear to even have a scratch on it.  The little rental sedan had hit just the hitch.  Not their bumper was cracked in several places but even that always not too noticeable unless you were looking for it.  The couple was from California and seemed nice we exchanged information and went on our merry way so thankful that we have spent so many hours and miles on the road and this is our first incident… a very minor bump that didn’t even make a scratch.  Thank you Lord for your protection and traveling mercies.  we made it all the way from Chelsea Maine to Charlottesville Virginia in one day.  Leaving me a morning to get a little Christmas shopping done and time for a nap before starting a big run of shifts at work.

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