Leaving San Diego

Leaving San Diego this morning, this has come way quicker than it was supposed to. It means back to real life, it means going on with out Grandma, it means grieving by ourselves on the other side of the country. I could hear some of the hustle and bustle as Grandpa and mom quickly got ready to head to Samantha’s college graduation.  She had only a few tickets and so mom was going as a stand in for grandma who had fully planned on being there only two weeks before.  It was early early so I stayed tucked into bed.  I had already said my good bye to Grandpa the night before and that it would be easier for both of us if we didn’t have to say our goodbyes again.  After they left I must have drifted back to sleep.  Each night here in California has included a near midnight or after bedtime and an 0700 singing wake up call from grandpa so I was feeling a little tired.  I’d like to say that sharing a twin bed with my mother had something to do with the tiredness I was feeling but, some how we managed to sleep comfortably with out bumping into eachother much.  

All of the sudden I was startled awake by the doorbell, knowing grandpa and mom were already gone and unsure if Irma was in the shower or what I jumped up out of bed to go answer it.  Irma however was already up and in the kitchen and had answered the door.  It was my Aunt Susan who was quite pleased with my disheveled-not quite with it look.  They made fun of me a bit and I decided it wasn’t going to be worth it to try to sneak a few more zzzzz.  I headed to back to the room and before I had grabbed my clothes to head to the shower they were stripping my bed and getting the sheets in the washer.  I showered then jumped in on the to do list to get the house ready for grandpa with out him having to spend a day cleaning up after the house full of guests that had been staying there all week. We ran a few errands then headed to the airport.  The first leg wasn’t bad, I was just feeling a bit nauseated.  I was a little nervous about the flight change in Denver because the lay over was short and the airport can be hairy if the terminals were not close together….few they were only a few gates apart which gave me time to go to the bathroom before jumping inline to board the next plane.  I snapped a picture of the plane and snow and answered a facetime call from Cyrus who talked to me all the way onto the plane.  I wanted to sleep my way to DC, but it just didn’t happen…I didn’t think my stomache was in knots but seriously I was feeling nauseated.  I closed my eyes and tried, keeping the emesis bag close by.  Needless to say I was feeling pretty miserable by the time in caught up with Chad and the kids.  Poor guy had been planning to take the kids to Arlington and because they put wreaths in all of the graves and the public parking was all reserved for families of those buried there.  They had been in DC all day until 10:45pm with a limited amount of  money in the budget and not many truy free options (parking alone is expensive) the had ended up at Rock Creek Park.  It hadn’t taken as long as they had hoped.  We made it back to our apartment around 0100…what a long day.  

   Deicing the plane in Denver.

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