Home Made Sushi and a Tree

This post is for Aunt Jan.  I love you Aunt Jan.  We don’t want to go too many days with out posting as we know you and Great Grandma Brown worry about us when there is no news.   The last three days have been mostly that of work and sleep.  I have one more shift after tonight before we head to DC Tuesday morning for the flight west to San Diego for me to attend my grandmother’s funeral.  Chad and the kids have purchased a sushi mat and have been practicing making their own sushi.  I told Caleb that if he has that skill mastered by college his room will be the hang out room.  I have to lay off the girls like a guy who can cook comments.  I can get away with a few, but they totally embarrass him so I can’t over do it.  Here is a few of the pictures.  I have been happy to taste test them.  My favorite ones are the spicy crab rolls.  

   Caleb had a blast making his own sushi.
 Today while I was sleeping chad and the kids put up a tree.  

   Aren’t they so cute!  It isn’t necessarily feeling overly Christmassy yet, this little tree and our felt ornaments will go a long ways to make it feel more so. 

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