Getting Behind on Our Blog Again 

Boy it seems to be so easy to get behind on this blog, but I know if I don’t write things down here I will forget them before Sunday rolls around.  I worked Sunday night (was put on call for most of it actually) and Monday night.  After work Tuesday morning we ate breakfast and then loaded our car to head towards Niagara Falls.  We can’t waste three days off in a row at home since there is already not enough time to see everything that we want to see here.  There was some logistics this time since we had ordered Christmas presents for the kids and they were to come on the days that we would be gone.  One of the new friends we met at church said that she would be in town and picked them up for us, that was the main concern.  (Thank you Jessie)  Then we stopped at the post office on the way out of town to mail out a last batch of crocheted washrags for a Christmas show back home.  A little coffee was also in order.  If I remember right I stayed awake for a little while then fell asleep.  The next time I picked my head up to see what was going on we had passed through West Virginia and Maryland and were now in Pensylvania.  We were headed to Niagara Falls fully knowing that by the time we arived it would be dark.  We drove all day.  Through mostly rain and a lot of small towns.  There is a lot of rural area in Pensylvania and New York.  Texting family, and a healthy dose of Duolingo Sanish kept me busy.  My grandmother is in the hospital she has been since the day after Thanksgiving.  She has been so healthy and active we all thought she would recover from her new health issues in a few days but it has been down hill more and more.  I really don’t think they have been fully sharing how bad it is, and it was just coming out that this is very serious and there may be no recovery.  The call was made to bring all the kids (my aunts and uncles) home to be with grandma and grandpa.  I am an adult, so I am lucky to have had my grandmother this long.  I am selfish though and would love to bargain for another 10 years.  She can’t really be that sick only a few days ago she cooked a whole thanksgiving meal for 10 people and now everyone is gathering to say their goodbyes.  It is hard to process these things.  I’m sure I will be chewing on it for a few days (weeks, months, maybe years) It is all in God’s hands and as selfish as I know I am I just want what’s best for them. We did make it to Niagara Falls and got a sweet deal, off season rate on our hotel.  The kids requested sushi and there was a well rated place just down from our hotel.  We thoroughly enjoyed our food but thought of grandma and grandpa the whole time.  The last time we had sushi was in San Bernardino November 1st when we visited with Grandma and Grandpa on our way to Virginia.  It had been a delightful dinner where Grandma relived some of her childhood as she had grown up in a neighborhood in Sacramento with a large Japanese population and her best girlfriends had been Japanese.  She remembers the trucks coming to pick up her friends and their families to take them to the work camps during WWII.  It was good to hear the stories as we enjoyed each other’s company and the good food.  We sent Grandpa a picture on his iPad that I doubt he will get until he is home of our mochi dessert and a little note saying we missed them.   


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