I get to drive over the “mountains” to work and back over them to come home.  This means wind guests, and thick fog, as well as traffic.  It is 35 miles from our apartment to work.  I leave our place one hour and 15 minutes before I have to be to work. Two shifts out of three that is plenty early.  But twice now I have been racing the clock with it taking one hour and 16 minutes to get to work.  The first time I thought it was a fluke, extra traffic caused by a car accident, when it happened a second time I decided I have to have another game plan.  I cannot be racing into work or late one shift a week, that will not fly.  It is just so frustrating to have to leave for work 1.5 hours early to go 35 miles.  The other fun part to this is that I have been informed that each year when the weather gets bad the hospital hosts the nurses as the roads are just too bad to try to drive home and back.  It is prudent to have a small travel bag with the essentials in our car so that we don’t end up wearing netted underwear and hospital tread socks when we get snowed in at work.  Yay fun.  We are going to need prayers for traveling mercies as winter weather sets in.  They are equipped for the winter weather and there are lights on the side of the road that look like flairs but equally spaced over miles and always there so I’m pretty sure they are not flairs.  They are so helpful in the dense fog.  The drivers drive in the fog with their hazards on since the little red tails lights can be hard to see.  The nurses are supportive too.  This week one day I was put on call at 2300 and they had me text them when I got home since the fog was extra thick.  It is nice to know there are people watching out for you and people who care. 

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2 thoughts on “Commute 

  1. Maggie Hageman

    How can you be “on call” if it takes over an hour to get to work? Don’t they have a 30 min. time for call?

    • The have one hour here. You are right most of the time it is 30 minutes. And one hour is ok in the middle of the night. Because the only reason it takes so one to get there at 6:30pm is remnants of rush hour traffic.

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