Granddaddy of Capitol Tours

The crew here was waiting for me to get out of the shower this morning, so we could go to Washington DC today.  We almost all fit on our awesome blow up couch.  Since I worked last night I quickly fell asleep in the car to wake up as we crossed the  Potomac river.   I could not help but snap pictures out the window as we drove around looking for public parking past monuments and buildings I have have poured over in books of big beautifully colored pictures.  Could we really be in thee Washington DC?!?
  Above Lincoln Memorial on the drive by. Below is the Obelisk, the Washington Monument.     
 Our fist glimps of the Capitol out of the car window. 

    We walked around the Capitol, it was a little difficult to find the visitor’s entrance.   Guess I expected we would be entering the actual building not entering through the underground visitor’s center.  
    Caleb showing off his Capitol tour pass. 
  Because of the volume of people, the volume of tours, and the acoustics craziness in big buildings we all wore these fancy head phones that were tuned in to only hear our tour guide.  Below in the original entrance of the Capitol building the forefathers decided they had better add a touch of Americana so the people visiting the Capitol would not think they were in Greece, so they added corn stocks to the top of the volume near the Supreme Court. Also Tobacco leaves were added to other colums that I did not get a picture of.  Below a few pictures is the inside of the Supreme Court. Many many historical pillars of our nation have been in this room.   

  Below is the Crypt build for the remains of George Washington, Congress made plans for George Washington’s remains to be moved to a vault under the floor where the while star is when it was finished.  After it was built, they requested his remains be exhumed from Mt. Vernon, his home.  His family was on board with this plan until they look back through his will where he diplomatically stated his desires to remain in Mt. Vernon.   
  It was hard to see the detail of the artwork of the dome.  There is 26 miles of scaffolding inside of the dome and much of it was tarped off. You could still see the center of the fresco painting above.  And the National Sculpture collection was pretty awesome as well.  
  The National Library! The architecture, and art is amazing.  The color palette is perfect.   
 This is the actual size of the Feeedom sculpture on top of the Capitol dome.  Below is the seal stamp from participating in the Capitol Museum scavenger hunt. 

Chad taking a picture of the outside of the Library of Congress.   
  Climbing up the stairs I front of the Capitol leaving the visitor’s center.   
 Dinner just happened to be right next to our parking structure and it was dinner time so it chose us, but it was very fun.  Then we headed out Friday night at rush hour heading out of DC…we should have learned our lesson last week in Atlanta GA.  At least today it wasn’t raining. 

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