Floor Orientatin Night 1of 2

I was not feeling like I had the energy for patient care, first impressions, or meeting all of my new night shift coworkers last night.  It was a “feel like throwing in the towel” kind of drive to work.  I had maybe had a half our nap.  Driving back from Shenandoah National Park and I had been unable to fall asleep in the 30 min. I had after getting home before it was time to get ready for work.  I don’t think it was a fear issue.  Just feeling tired, worn, gone too much from my kids.  Chad’s encouragement of “it’s just 9 more months” was very helpful. It is so much less time than we have already come.  If only I could always look at it from that vantage point otherwise I quickly get caught up on how long 9 months can be (hey I’ve been pregnant before…9 months can seem like an eternity).  It really was my first real day. Taking care of patients and being on the floor.  Thank goodness I have seen this charting system before that does help.  It has been a few assignments ago, so that doesn’t help.  I needed to do an admit, IV start and cervical exam followed by a preceptor to show me any hospital specific ropes (protocols, procedures).  I pretty much was independent with the computer admit.  The papers and the blood band labeling had to be explained.  My assigned buddy was a nice nurse and we hit it off pretty well.  I only have the cervical exam left to get checked off. (The provider was on the unit so she did the ones for my patient last night).  The hard pet about this assignment is going to be staff morale.  They have been in a long term decline of order with new interim managment who is trying to get them back on the life raft.  Everyone is nice, but tired.  

I did feel like the shift went well, and wasn’t as draining as I anticipated…I think I’m going to have to start moving more. That and getting back to more focused Bible reading.  I need those two things to keep my batteries better charged.  Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and prayers. 

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