Finally Made it to Our New Home Away From Home in Virginia

It’s was raining and pouring this morning and vacillating between spitting and a steady beat most of the rest of the day so bear with us.  The pictures are not very clear.  We turned north just before Charlotte this morning after sleeping in and taking time to enjoy the continental breakfast.  Our kids can pack away the groceries and for some reason eat more than any normal adult when it comes to continental breakfasts.  

   We drove through South Carolina in the dark, but I’m sure it is similar to Georgia and North Carolina in its beauty.  At the first good rest stop we used the bathroom and then used the oportunity to clean up the whole back seat.  The kids ran hills and Chad and I packed out a few bags of trash, put all the colored pencils in a bag, and organized the blankets and books.  Yay.  So much nicer.  Since we had to do the kids work that they had been told to do for days meant they each had to pay each of us a dollar.  Score, now I have money to buy a treat.  Actually we were gifted some travel money from both Chad’s parents and mine in our early family Christmas and it has some how miraculously covered all of our food for the entire trip including our one meal in New Orleans that alone cost $100 we have balanced our fast food with a few nice sit down restaraunts and have been continually thankful for those gifts.   
   We loved to see the mountains, the beautiful green valleys with cute farms in them.  Each boardered by the colorful woods in their yellow and red fall fashion.  We only had 5.5 hours to drive today but still it was getting dark by the time we got into Fishersville.  I took a few pictures of the new hospital I will be working at starting Monday.   
 It is pretty good sized for the area, it must service an area a lot bigger than Fishersville alone.  I know it will all work out so I am not fearful of what is to come just a little anxious to get this first week over with.  We will check out the area more tomorrow but mostly what is on the agenda is rest.  I don’t think we are going to try to be up early enough to find a new church.  We are all so wiped and are just going to rest. The kids are a little nuts-o and have been entertaining me since we pulled in here.  

    Dont worry I didn’t let him stay up there he was just trying to stay out of the girls’ way as they played their game.  They had made “thrones” for themselves and were some kind of royalty. 

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