We have spent anywhere from 1-4 nights these last 3+ months at Motel 6 in Newport Oregon.  It has been our home away from home.  When we were checking out I tried to make reservations for next week during the week when they for sure would not be full.  

They had originally been completely inflexible with my night shift schedule, but after explaining that I needed the room from 8:00am one day until 4:00pm the next one over midnight night and two days.  Under the normal hotel blocks I would check in at 8:00am and have to pay for the night before even though I would be there only a few hours of that morning.  Then I would be checked out soon enough for them to turn the room back over for another customer that evening.  Essentially one night with early check in and late check out.  Last week they had contacted the owner and they had okayed for me to have early check in and late check out for one night and charge me for two. Great! Win win! I am not paying for three nights so I can sleep for two days and they are getting two nights pay out of the room being used over one midnight census. 

For this next week when I tried to arrange the same thing the lady (different person supposedly the area manager) was completely inflexible.  When I explained that I worked night shift, she rudely explained that she was familier with that, but to sleep two days I would need to pay for three nights.  And that the other girls who had been flexible with me may not be working there anymore.  I was mad…I don’t think I get mad too often… It is slow season they are definitely not full, we have been giving them a lot of business for 3+ months and they could not be flexible when all I was really asking for was one night and a few extra hours on each side of it being more than willing to pay for two nights even though I would only be there for one.  Now on top of that she is hinting that the staff that had some semblance of customer service had been terminated for being reasonable!?! I said, forget it, we do not need a reservation, we will not be staying here again!  I feel bad for my reaction I should have been more calm.  Still part of me hopes they will miss the weekly income that they have been getting from us and review their customer service policy.  I am there for their community!  It is hard to staff a critical access hospital and get all the qualified people you need from a small community.  You know I work at the hospital I just told you that…I’m here to help you and have been a loyal customer.  Booooo

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