Newport Countdown

I have been avoiding any kind of countdown as of yet because I will be very sad to leave Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital at the end of the month.  But alas it is going to be so abrupt I should at least give a shout out on up coming events as this speeding engine seems to have no brakes!  I have two extra shifts four hours each (I thought they were 12 hours when I signed up for them and will most likely be on call) and then my three twelves for next week… that…is….it… šŸ˜³  We have started our goodbyes.  We have one more Sunday at church, a family holiday party, and a few other things planned that make the next 10 days look like a whirlwind.   I recieved this sweet gift from a coworker last night a baby sized beaded bracelet.   She said, “Oregon babies love Sarah because she takes such good care of them.”  Such a beautiful gift that will put in my curio at home and cherish forever.  Thank you Liz!


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