Thank Goodness For That Text Message!

Saturday morning I took Chad to work, with the agenda for the day being get Caleb’s hair cut, clean our room (we all five share a room when we are home it gets really messy really quick), get Caleb packed for camp, we needed to get packed for Newport, and a few other miscellaneous things.  All in all a really low key day comprised with only a couple hours of work if we really were focussed.  Before I even got out of the car back at the house my phone vibrated with a text message from a friend saying we could invite Jayson, Stephanie and Cyrus to the girls birthday party today too….birthday party, I had missed something. Well, we weren’t late yet, and we weren’t going to turn down an oportunity to hang out with some of our favorite people.  The kids got all ready and we got Caleb mostly packed for camp, everyone was in their swim suits hopping in the car about 10:30.  Steph and Jayson had a commitment in Portland so we headed one way and they headed the other.

It has been so hot, but today not so much.  Overcast and even a short stint of spitting rain followed by an equally short sun break in the clouds.  Morning pool party turned to finger food lunch, the noise of children’s laughter and occasional squabbles.  I went to get Chad from work and before we knew it dinner time.  Mark and Chad went out and got us hotdogs and buns that we roasted over the fire.  Becky and I ran to the store for a few things for camp.  All the while the kids played and played.  I’m not sure that they had such a long day of company planned.  We will see if we ever get invited back over again 😉.  Thank you Mark and Becky for a day of just being together.  We did get Caleb the rest of the way packed before bed.  In the morning we all got packed for Newport, and we are going to have to clean our room later.


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