Family Drive Through the Colombia River Gorge

Needing to go pick up Caleb today we decided to make the day of it.  After getting to visit for a while with Aunt Vicki and Uncle John this morning we picked up Grandma Owens, stopped at Starbucks, then headed toward The Dalles.  It is so so gorgeous this time of year!  We didn’t stop on the way through the gorge, on the way back was a different story.  After getting to visit with my mom and dad in The Dalles we headed back home.  We took the scenic route, then due to the sheer number of visitors flocking Multnomah Falls we opted to skip it this time and stop instead at Rooster rock.  First though, we did a short hike at Latourell Falls.

Then back on the road…I was not prepared for how gorgeous the view would be!!!!

  Then we took the craziest route ever to Tualatin, hey it was way faster than taking 205.   Pieology and Cabelas with grandpa and daddy to finish up the day.  It is very good to have Caleb home such a fun scenic day with awesome company.

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