Akaka Falls and Waipi’o Valley

Again with no plan and not wanting to waste my last day off this week we headed out to explore more of the Hamakua Coast.  Well we took a detour and checked out a few more beaches in Hilo.  It was raining and not really a good hang at the beach day.  Then we headed up to Akaka Falls.   

              Kahuna Falls was faint and very hard to see through the rainforest mist.  

 Akaka Falls is a bit mightier so you can see it but still not very well.  Good thing the lucious green walk was so beautiful.   

      We used our umbrella from Great Grandma Lawhead for the first time not that it was raining any more than any other time.  It just sounded like a good idea.  







 We revisited the location of the Laupahoehoe school that was taken out by a tsunami during   School hours.  

          We visited several other beach parks along the coast.  When we had stopped for malasadas  at Tex Drive-in last week Chad had noticed the burgers, we headed back to do a taste test this time.   

  The kids opted to buy malasadas for dessert with their own money.  They must be good.  Then on to the Waipi’o Valley… We have been so close several times and some how missed it, not this time.  

                 Waipi’o is the valley of the Kings once filled with people now only about 100 people live there. You have to have 4 wheel drive to get down there. We didn’t hike it today but now we have at least seen it.  

  Then we checked out the shops in Honokaa.  We should be home before sun down.  Now the work week can start.   

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