Visiting with Ricki

I had the pleasure of working with Ricki at my last assignment in Southern California.  Since that time we have been planing to visit with her when she was here on the big island for her grandsons graduation this last week.  It has been a pretty busy week for both of us and I was beginning to wonder if we would miss each other in the busyness.  It just so happened that she was in our neck of the woods today and headed to one of our favorite beaches.  We made tenitive plans for a picnic at noon. We got there a little before their group did so Chad hung the hammock we enjoyed the tide pools and quite pond just off the beach.  








 Eve found some girl friends, she is such a social butterfly we have to watch her pretty close.   

  It was good to see Ricki’s beautiful smiling face and meet her family.  It took the kids a little while to warm up and start playing together. By the time it was time to go they were playing really well together.   

      There were sea turtles everywhere and as many times as we have been to Punalu’u beach I have never seen them out like they were today! Five of them were resting on the beach.   

      The kids are now crashed out in the car!  


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