Hamakua Coast

Ok to say we explored the whole 40 miles of the Hamakua Coast would be an over statement it was more of a drop in the bucket, a glimpse per say.  It was a rainy day the all day kind of rainy day unlike the only rain in the morning, evening and most of the night rainy days that make up all the others.  At first I was thinking a hot, sunny, beach would be good, but as we neared Hilo we decided on a scenic drive instead.  Headed north out of Hilo  off of 19 there is a scenic drive called Pepe’ekeo.  We had driven this the first full day on the Island but that was a long time ago and was part of our quest to drive all the way around the island having never been on this island before we were just trying to get our bearings.  This time we could really enjoy it and that we did.   

         We stopped and hiked the Onomea trail beside the Botanical garden. So so beautiful.   





 We didn’t end up going to the ‘Akaka falls it costs money and after working all night I didn’t feel like hiking in the rain.  We have plans to go back and hike it again sometime.  We did stop in the little town just outside the park it was so cute we had to check out the shops.  



At one of the shops the lady (artist of some seriously beautiful jewelry) also rehabilitated tropical birds. She asked us if we were enjoying the whole rainforest experience meaning the rain that was coming down outside. We are now with the sounds of the birds.  Mango a vocal guy ( I don’t remember what kind of bird he was) welcomed us.  She was very friendly and told us about the birds in the shop and even let the kids see a three week old and two week old love bird chicks and their two adult lovebird experienced foster parents who had taken over care of the chicks as if they were their own.  She let the kids pet and hold the male I think his name was Kissy Kissy.  He loved to kiss and lick the human whose finger he was perched upon.  

      She taught the kids how to hold him and about how to take care of them.  Before we left she also showed us a baby sparrow that she was hand feeding.  He had to eat every hour all day long.  She doesn’t have to feed him in the night I asked her about that.  We didn’t make it all the way to Waipi’o Valley.  That is also on the list.  Instead we found this little park. 


        We made it a short day getting home in time for dinner but now our minds are wheeling about when to plan to go back to the waterfall and valley to see the rest of the Hamakua coast.

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