Kae’au Transfer Station (dump)

When I was a kid we did not have garbage services no big fancy truck came by the house and emptied our cans and carried away the waste.  We had burn barrels for some of the trash, yard debris was composted and or fed to the animals, and occasionally some of the bigger things had to be taken to the dump.  It cost money to take things to the dump and is kids would occasionally come home with new treasures we had found there.  As an adult I have become accustomed to garbage services.  It is quite nice to have our refuse picked up curb side weekly and our recycle too.  Here in Hawaii (on the big island in our neighborhood at least) there is no garbage services.  When our landlord first told us that we would have to take our own garbage to the dump I was thinking that it sure could add up quick but was pleasantly surprised when we descovered that it was free.  (Still I am not a fan of putting full trash bags in the trunk of the car to drive the distance to the dump…..stinky….and if a bag should rip or break 🙊)  Once a week or so we have a couple of bags that need to be taken to the dump.  They have paper bins, glass bins, newspaper, plastic, and any items that may be useful to another person are sorted and often times free or for a small price are available to be reused.  


      Last Tuesday Hannah got this leather purse for $1 and has since washed it well and takes it everywhere it has replaced the one she got for Christmas that has already had its strap broken off.  Caleb got a nice name brand one strap backpack for $2 (the only pic I have of it below) everything else they have found has been free (wallets and books).   



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