You can’t truly have the hawaiian experience with out mixing in some of their traditional foods.  Rice has been on our menu pretty much daily since it is so reasonable in comparison to other foods but also we have been eating a lot of the local produce such as lychee, guava (they taste like sour strawberries to me.  I love them.  The hard seeds do get stuck in your teeth a bit and you can eat the whole thing it does not need to be peeled or seeded), mango, pineapple, and a lot of coconuts that we have found.  The girls at work have shared an awesome tapioca dish with me that I now need to try to find the recipe for but first Musubi.  Musubi is easy to make, easy to store, easy to eat on the go; it is a must have for every hawaiian sack lunch.  It is made with sticky rice, spam of course, soy sauce, brown sugar, and nori (sea weed). 

The spam slices are approximately 1/4″ thick 9-10 slices out of each can of spam.  We only made one can in case you were worried.  The  rice was started and the frying pan warmed up.  A little soy sauce and brown sugar to season each slice of spam and into the pan it went. 

The nori had perforated lines in it to indicate where to separate the strips however it didn’t just tear on the line or even fold on the line so we turned to scissors which worked great. 

We lined all the containers with plastic wrap to make it easy to lift out.  The plastic wrap was temperamental and hard to work with.  After round one we discovered the spam can to be the best Musubi making vessel.  

Chad cut the bottom of the can off so all we had to do is pack the can then push it  through and wrap it afterwords.  Now that we have all that assembly line down they are looking pretty good.  

All wrapped and ready for lunch on the volcano. 

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