Hilo Farmers Matket

We had been told by the many sites we had searched that Hilo was the best place to buy produce, cheapest and freshest.  It is open on Saturdays and Wednesdays.  We still haven’t figured out the food situation so we decided we better check that out.  Besides we had to go into Hilo to change cars.  I felt awkward taking pictures at the market so I didn’t.  Only a few when we were outside eating a little snack Caleb bought and shared with us. 

We came unprepared with only $20 cash.  That did buy a fair amount but not enough to sustain us for a week, or even until Wednesday.  Next time we will be prepared.  

Guava 4/$1, large avacados 1/$1, large bunch of romaine 1/$2, large bag of papaya 1/$2 bunch of Apple bananas 1/$1 I can’t remember the name of the brown circular fruit.  The look like nuts, but when you peel them there is a large white grape looking fruit inside with a single seed.  It tasts like a grape with onion/garlic mixed in too.  Not bad. The kids love them and already our bag is almost gone.

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