Valentines 2015

Cake pops from Starbucks and a slow night at work was a good way to start off one of my favorite days of the year. A Walmart run on the way home from work to get some sparkling cider was unsuccessful on that standpoint, but I found blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries that looked delicious. A small jar of Nutella and three $1 heart shaped boxes of chocolates for my kiddos and I was ready to go wake up everyone at the house. The kids woke up immediately (they were probably already awake just staying in their room) so enlisted their help in waking up Chad. He loves to cook so the sight of the fresh berries was all it took to get him out of bed and working on breakfast. He decided on Nutella pancakes topped with the berries which were very yummy despite it being winter. We FaceTime called Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Judy to tell them happy birthday.




Then we took a family drive up to Big Bear. We were surprised at what we found. The curvy roads up the hill were nice but we felt like we had driven back in time at least twenty years. I expected an over developed ski resort like Tahoe or Mt. Hood. It was so hot I wished I had a tank top instead of long sleeves and the only places there was snow was on the runs. It had to be melting super quick, I wonder how much snow they make each day to keep the doors open! I wish I knew the exact temp, but it felt at least 50 degrees probably more. Chad thinks it was about 70 degrees.


The kids have jackets on because we sat in the shade for lunch outside and drank an iced mango juice drink which made us all feel a little cold. We walked around to all the shops which took a few hours. Chad made a special crab cake eggs Benedict for dinner and I crashed. For some reason I am way more tired working nights this assignment than usual. Happy valentines to all of you!!! Here are a few of my favorite cards from this season most are from Dave Ramsey!





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