Tell No One Who You Are

Tell No One Who You Are: The hidden childhood of Régine Miller
a true story by Walter Buchignani

This is the last book from our pile of free books we scored from the Neenah Wisconsin Library book sale. I’m not sure why it got saved for the last. Caleb read it first and told me it was a good book so on his recommendation and a resolution to read more books I dug in. With a lot of interruptions mind you and I am a slooooow reader, it took 6-8 hours. Caleb probably read it in two he is such a fast reader.

I loved what the author spent detail on. It is very matter of fact and not dramatized. It is a re telling of the life of Régine Miller a young (8 at the start of WWII) Jewish girl living in Brussels Belgium. After her older brother was taken by the Germans she was hidden in various ways through the war. As months of lists of survivors were announced on the radio she came to realize that she was the lone survivor of her family who had all been sent to Auschwitz.

Be prepared for a few tears, but I loved the opportunity to be allowed to experience her grief to a small degree through reading this book. Also to give Caleb a bigger world view and prospective of the blessings in his life. Being around the age of Régine I’m sure helped.

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