ACLS recert

Imagine ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) taught by a surfer who’s dream retirement includes moving to Cuba and smoking cigars and medical marijuana until his heart explodes. I didn’t know it was possible to have such a low key ACLS class.
I left my grandparents almost a whole three hours before the class because I was so worried about getting stuck in morning traffic in San Diego. It only took me an hour, although there was traffic it all kept moving at a good 70mph except for a few slow spots. It left me time to crack open the book and watch some rhythm identification study videos off YouTube before going in. Besides being long winded, I enjoyed the stories and felt like the material was covered well. I missed two questions on the test, which was a pass and managed to get back on the road for my hour trek home at 4:00pm. With 9 lanes (two for commuters only) even though it was nearly rush hour the traffic was moving well and I made it home in plenty of time for dinner. BLS on Friday and then I should be done with recertifications for a while.

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2 thoughts on “ACLS recert

  1. Amelia

    I came across a guest post you wrote about travel nursing with kids and came over to your blog to learn more. My husband and I are considering travel nursing and going through the research process now. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. What company do you go through? I notice you seem to work varied or night shift, is that your choice or is it difficult or impossible to get day shift? Are you asked to extend your contract most of the time? Thanks for your time! Sorry, this is kind of random!

    • Dear Amelia,
      I would love to talk to you anytime about travel nursing with kids. I have worked with several companies namely AB Staffing, Genesis Medical Staffing, and more recently Medical Staffing Solutions LLC and have had completely positive experiences every time. I prefer to work night shift so my family had our one car during the day, but I did work day shift in Wisconsin because the hospital had a lot of travelers and didn’t want the entire night shift to be made up of travel nurses. You will limit your job opportunities if you will only take a day shift but it is still possible. I have been asked to extend every time and I have taken a few extra weeks so that the assignment ends just before the holidays but since our purpose in traveling is to get out and see the United States we have respectfully declined extensions. You can email me any questions if you find it easier, ask as many as you have there is no dumb questions our email is we could also set up a time to talk on the phone.

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