God’s House in Victorville and Caleb’s Tablet

This assignment had me working predominately weekends. So I have had one weekend off so far in the month and a half we have been here and that is because they had me working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday one week and Thursday, Friday, Saturday the next week. We took the opportunity to take a long trip up to the North and even though I was off I missed getting to attend the church my family has been attending here in Victorville. The weekend I work the weekend still but it was Friday night, Sunday, and Monday. So with Saturday night off I was awake and coherent Sunday morning and was able to attend church! Yay, it was fun to meet all the people the kids have been talking about for the last month and a half.
After church we had Caleb’s birthday lunch at In-N-Out. Caleb decided to save his birthday money from grandma and when he counted his money with what he had saved so far he finally had enough for the Kindle Fire he had been saving up for so he and daddy went back out and purchased the tablet. He was in heaven.


The sunsets and rises here aware amazing!!!

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