Just as sweet as we imagined!

We have been counting down the weeks, days, and hours until Grandma and Grandpa Owens would arrive. As I slept off my tornado of a headache I kept one ear tuned for those familiar voices that I (just as eagerly as the kids) was awaiting. At 3:30 I woke up and showered, still there were no voices. I dressed, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, still neither of the familiar voices floated from the living room where I had had one ear tuned all day. The kids did a little straightening of the house then went out to play with the other kids in the front yard. It was getting close to dinner time and we had received report that Grandma and Grandpa were 15 minutes out so we got the enchiladas in the oven and eagerly waited. A we’re hear text soon followed and we all poured out of the apartment, checked the side lot then ran back around to the front lot. The kids were all doing the happy dance as they ran. They are so darn cute! There’s nothing like having your car mobbed by little ones who just can’t wait to get their little arms around your neck for a hug. All jumping up and down in anticipation as you pull into your parking spot.

2015/01/img_1549.jpg the kids eagerly each took a wheely bag and showed us the way back to our home away from home. We all almost got trampled by the crowd of kids racing around on scooters and running together playing a game. It was a good way to experience our new place and all the life here. Our guests were gracious as the kids just couldn’t stop hugging and kissing them, telling them all kinds of things that they had been waiting to share and showing them their Christmas gifts. Banking some personal touch to hold them over for part of this adventure requires us to spend so much time away from each other. By the time dinner was ready I think grandma may have been a little relieved by a mandated time out to eat some dinner and breath her own air. After dinner Chad and Chuck ran to the store for dessert and as promised we got to do Donna’s makeup and nails. I joined in on the fun. Caleb painted her toenails with Eve’s help, I painted her fingernails and Hannah did her makeup.


When the guys came back from the store grandpa agreed to allow Hannah to try a mustache on him as she had been really wanting to try it on the condition that we promised it would wash off.

They sure do make a cute couple. After a game of chess and ice cream the kids headed to bed and us adults continued to talk. Donna had some pressing questions about my childhood, lol. I think they are still trying to understand me but, ask Chad, it might be a lost cause. I’m not sure what Chad and Chuck were talking about but eventually the conversation came around to future plans and we, valuing their wisdom and experience A LOT, talked about what we were thinking. We have certainly been blessed beyond measure with Godly, wise counsel who love us and have our best interest at heart. What a great day! Now time can slow down because we want to enjoy every moment we have of their visit.

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