Legoland day two and the aquarium

We definitely started off the day on the tired side this morning. French toast for breakfast hit the spot and although I slept most of the way to Legoland (26 miles) a ride or two into it and I was fully awake. We were all a bit grumpy for the first ride or two then we relaxed and just enjoyed the moment. It being Friday the lines were a little longer, but that wasn’t all bad because having full rides some how made them more fun. We saw the 1/4 of the park we didn’t make it to yesterday by lunch time, then we ate lunch and people watched. We played divide and conquer until 2:00pm where Chad took the big kids back to their favorite big rides and coasters and Eve and I did her favorite smaller rides, a show and Duplo village. I took maybe too many pictures and am going to have a hard time not sharing them all.












We reserved the rest of the day for the aquarium which was awesome but only ended up taking about an hour. The kids enjoyed the scratch it quiz cards. They had to find the answers to each of the quite questions to earn a price which ended up being a gigantic aquarium sticker.




























We left the aquarium with still two hours of time left until the park closed so we took a boat tour and walked all the way around the park one more time riding a few rides here and there.



Eve was brave and tried one of the big kids favorite ride “The Knight’s Tournament.”



She loved it and giggled the whole time. We picked up a snack to help get us to our late dinner time

We found these bracelets that you can trade out the flattened pennies in and we thought it was pretty cool since the kids love the flattened pennies and now they can change them out and do something with them beside just looking at them. We looked them up to price them on Amazon they were 5.00 + $2.50 shipping each and were surprised that they were only $5.99 at the park. All in all food and at least this souvenir was not at all the jacked up prices we expected. What a pleasant surprise. The bonus is the kids LOVE them. Yay win-win!


We came home to Salmon dinner, a beautiful salad and ice cream. Grandma and Grandpa have been blessing our socks off. There is no way to thank them enough. They stepped out to sign some papers on a house they are selling. We took the opportunity (encouraged by my mother) to short sheet their bed. I had to giggle when we got all settled down to sleep and I heard a holler from the other room, “I’ll get even.” Then from the hall. “I’ll get even, do you hear me Sarah!” I just made really load snoring sounds. Lol I’m going to have to watch over my shoulder for the next two months, because if I know my grandma she won’t be getting even. She’ll be getting ahead.

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