Thanksgiving 2014

We stayed the night at our house but got up pretty early, we were eager to get to grandma and grandpa’s house. Not even thinking we called them to get coffee orders because it is nice to feel like we can give them something in return for all they do for us. As soon as I hung up I remembered that getting coffee would mean supporting non-necessary businesses open on Thanksgiving. Now what do I do, I already got their coffee orders and their hopes up. We stopped by Starbucks and picked up the coffee rationalizing that it was only 7:00 AM so far away from dinner time that we weren’t really keeping these employees from their family time, but really we were headed to family time so what’s to say they weren’t missing some if their family traditions being open.
We spent the morning chatting and preparing food, those of you that know me well know that I’m no cook. Sad but true. Good thing you don’t have to be to peel potatoes. Mostly I just keep those who enjoy the cooking aspect company and am a second set of hands when it’s needed. We kept one eye on the parade then turned our attention to the dog show which is one of our favorite family traditions guessing which dog will win each class. Brooks showed up for dinner three classes in to the show so we turned it off to visit with him. We had decorated the house with our thankful chain which ended up being all white this year but was sill a good exercise in realizing all we have and how blessed we are. After dinner we headed out to catch Donna’s side of the family having their thanksgiving so we could see them all too.








Back at grandma and grandpa’s the kids watched a new Veggie Tales movie that grandma had bought for them and Stephanie and I took the opportunity to take some thanksgiving dinner to a traveler friend working in Lebanon. I was sure she had said Albany so with out confirming I headed there. We got all the way to the fourth floor before we discovered that she was in Lebanon. I don’t know that I had ever been in Lebanon hospital thank goodness for GPS. It was fun to Catch up with Karen. I had intended to stop by the FBC one last time as it is a totally different crew on but received a text from Chad enquiring as to when I would be home. I was fighting sleep so I decided to head home instead. I thought about the thirty some thanksgivings that I have had, you have so few in your life, thank goodness we don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful.


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One thought on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Karen

    Was so wonderful I could see you. LOVED the food and the pie was awesome and a welcome surprise
    congrats to the cooks. Travel safe sweetie. Karen

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