Down to Business

Chad grocery shopped today for our last four days. It’s hard to shop for your last four days. You don’t want to buy things that come in packages larger than you need or need extra ingredients that won’t be used completely for the planned meals like mustard or salsa, tortillas or a bag of rice. We will see how we come out, if we use all the food that we do have and don’t have a bunch of random extras that we have to toss.
I pared down my closet a little, another chair and cot went to Goodwill with a huge load of the books that we got free from the library book sale. I was sad to see them go. We saved a bag of them for the road. The kids room is practically empty except for pillows and blankets. They will be swapped out for sleeping bags in the next couple of days as well as our air mattress. Chad has already announced a giant sleepover in the living room Tuesday night.
In order for Chad to have time to pack the car up. He will take me to work on my last night. After work I will change into travel clothes and he will pick me up on his way out of town at 0600. Maybe just maybe those sweet little angels in the back seat will sleep in the car, if not we have our bag of books.
Tomorrow is our last Sunday at Appleton Alliance we are so thankful for this church home away from home, they made our kids feel welcome and loved, we especially loved the kids program, the homework, and the library there. Everyone has been so friendly. We leave Wednesday morning and need to get into Caldwell Idaho by Saturday at noon, friday afternoon preferred. We are looking forward to our first Sherman Family reunion in years, nothing beats family. We would appreciate your prayers for dry roads and safe driving conditions. We will keep you updated.

P.S. I don’t know oh you all feel about cheese curds, but Wisconsin is famous for their cheese what do you think about that for the mileage prize?

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