Caleb and Hannah Grocery Shopping

Caleb and Hannah were given the job of planning breakfasts and lunches for our five day trip home.

They made a grocery list… (Not healthy but road food rarely is)
-Two loaves of bread (may need three but since they don’t want it to get squished we will start with two and get a third later if needed)
-one loaf of GF bread
-peanut butter
-drink powder (as a treat)
-package of cookies
-package of GF cookies
-5 travel packs of chips/crackers

They calculated their estimated cost to be around $66 and then tax. We told them they could spend $70 but they had to keep track of the total and stay in their budget. They could choose what to buy and how to spend the extra.
They have been looking forward to this trip for a week and a half. At first they fought a little over who would push the cart and who would pull things from the shelves, who should hold the list and who should keep track of the total. After a row we worked it out that I pushed the cart, Hannah managed the list and Caleb kept the total.





They chose stix, like Pringles, except GF that were $1.18 each and way more packing friendly. It was under their $3 a chip bag budget. They grabbed two boxes of oatmeal packets instead of one and came so far under their $25 budget in fruit and veggies with a bag of apples, Cuties and a bag of carrots that they decided on a bag of pistachios for a snack. Hannah was concerned that they weren’t getting enough healthy food. She didn’t want to be sick to her stomach. She was pleased with the final decisions.

The total came to $48.34 they were pretty proud of themselves and have a little left incase we need more bread, bananas or extras on the road.

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2 thoughts on “Caleb and Hannah Grocery Shopping

  1. Suzanne

    SPIKES!!! Really he has not done that in years!!!

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