Shoes for Christmas

We have participated for several years in the Operation Christmas Child where a toy, school supplies, hygiene products such as soap and toothpaste are sent to children around the world as shoebox sized gifts.  These are good, as the gospel story is presented at the time the kids receive the shoebox gift.  This year we have been made aware of a great need for shoes, the health risks (hook worm and other parasites), foot deformation, and foot diseases that are caused from not having them.  Feeling like the ability to send quality shoes that adjust for size and are durable with an average life span of five years, to help meet the shoe need of children for such a long time is an opportunity we can’t/shouldn’t pass up to bless, love on, and give to these children.  It would be an overwhelming gift and blessing that I would wish someone would do for me if the roles were reversed.  Our goal is to send a duffle bag (50 shoes) with a new friend that this endeavor has brought to our acquaintance, with covering the cost to get the additional bag to it’s destination so that it doesn’t impose any financial burden for her.  All that being said we want to give you an opportunity to help too. gives you an opportunity on their website to get involved, you can help fill a duffle bag to Ecuador, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, and other places around the globe.  If you are family or a close friend who were wondering what you could get a family traveling the states with five people, one big dog, with only room for essential possessions all packed in a Toyota 4Runner for Christmas.  Here you go! You can get 1 pair for $10 each, providing shoes for $2 per year for kids in need. You can contribute to the shoes going to Uganda which would be awesome by contacting us at or my messenger on Facebook.  Yay!  It isn’t the front lines (yet…I say that just for Donna’s sake.  I love you Donna), but let us pray daily that The Lord will use us for his purpose.

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