My Trip Around Lake Michigan (Caleb)

Hello! My name is Caleb Owens, and I have a story to tell you! I have a lot to say, so I’ll start from the beginning. It started out as this, we had some talk about going around Lake Michigan, mostly it was talking about map routes , and things like that. We spent four days going around the lake. We packed our bags with everything we thought we would need. On our first day we went to Mackinac island (pronounced Mackinaw), where we walked around the town. We had went there by ferry because there was no other way onto the island. The town was a little town and was crowded with shops. We saw roughly a dozen fudge shops. There was only three fudge companies but there was at least three shops per company, flus a few shops that sold fudge but had other things. We went into this really cool shop that had big products! It had little medallions of glass with beetles and moths and stuff like that. They had a moth in a square of glass that was a foot long and a foot wide. It is a town with no cars allowed! We left on the ferry and spent the night in a Days Inn. We had a good breakfast and we were on the road. When we were traveling we say in the car, I eat a lot. You know, I actually have been adapting to that type of living, since I have been in the car seat so much that it doesn’t hurt after three hours. Since I have to sit in the car seat five hours a day, that really helps! Anyway we drove in the car for another day, then spent the night in another motel. We spent another half hour driving, and went to a church pastored by a cousin of moms. We went over to their house for lunch and had turkey. They had kids my size! There was three kids (girls) my age and a boy about Eve’s age. We had a lot of fun.





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2 thoughts on “My Trip Around Lake Michigan (Caleb)

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! I love the “guest post” by Caleb – good writing!

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