Sick Day

I’m pretty sure that every time I have ever received the flu shot I have felt like crap the following day. Today is no different. My arm feels fine. I just have a sore throat, headache, and nasal congestion. It is a good thing that I do not work today. I do however work tomorrow, five out of the next six days actually, so this had better be a one day thing. We laid low at our apartment. The big kids went with Chad to the library after they finished their school work, but were gone only a short time. I was a slug and laid around drinking airborne. Does laying low really help you get better faster? I wish I knew. I can’t afford to be sick in the world of no PTO and travel nursing contracts. In an attempt to do something productive and process the loss of a dear friend and longtime coworker and the many lessons I have learned from her I drew a small tribute. May my life produce the fruits of the spirit like yours did, may I love those around me in a way that they know that there’s no judgement from me.

IMG_1549.JPG I have not drawn much since high school it is quite therapeutic. Recently I started drawing on a few envelopes but this is the second person I have attempted in the last fifteen years.
Heres to feeling like new tomorrow.

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