Gearing up for the work week and early mornings

I so slept in this morning.  Way way in.  I figured it may make up for the sleep I’m going to miss the next few mornings when the wake up call comes at 4:15 am.  I was awakened by kids bouncing on me and on the air mattress which in turn bounced me some more.  Then came a facetime call from Suzanne, what a lovely surprise that was.  We got to see Hadassah’s zebra hair, and Elijah’s amazingly blue eyes and kissable cheeks.  We talked for a good long time and the kids gave her a FaceTime tour of our apartment.  Around 11:30 (please forgive me for staying in bed so late) I climbed out of bed and made myself useful by getting the dishes done and doing some more cleaning and organizing around the house.  Chad came home from the store with a fold up card table and camp chairs, yay for having our dining room all set up.  We sat around our new table and enjoyed lunch together.  The kids cleaned their room and brought out their math books, as requested to start warming up for the school year again.  I feel like we may have to do more remedial work on math this year than last, as we have taken a longer break and it doesn’t seem to be either one of the big kids’ strong suit.  Math and more cleaning.  Everything is set out for the early morning shift.  My lunch bag is all packed and I got in a phone call to my mom.  A yummy dinner of tacos was prepared by Chad, and a quiet walk around the neighborhood with Myra ended the evening.  Chad and I discussed the next two weeks plan over a glass of ice tea and headed to bed.  I’m hoping the melatonin will kick in soon.  Good night you all.  Prayers for things to go smoothly at work in the morning would be much appreciated.
-Here’s to another great assignment with lots of things learned.

Nemo movie kind of night. My pot from Valerie is just what the kitchen needed.

And, sweet potatoes all prepared for lunches this week


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