Orientation And Door County

Well, orientation at Theda care was nothing like my first assignment. It was scheduled from 9:00-10:00am. I didn’t really believe it would only take an hour to do all of the human resources stuff since it took 9 hrs in New Mexico. I found the parking and the office easy enough. Someone greeted me right away and pointed me in the direction of getting my picture taken for a name badge. There were eight of us lined up and one right after the other got pictures taken then were shown to a room where we would receive a packet of procedures and protocols. We went over the no tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, HIPAA, and harassment in the work place. Signed that we received the policies got our name badge and then were dismissed. Wow. Now what to do with the rest of my day… two days actually since my schedule for this week is Wednesday and Thursday Day shift, Friday night shift.
We decided we had time we should go explore door county, the little tiny thumb peninsula off the east side of the state out into Lake Michigan.

We drove first to Green Bay then up the coast (you can call the shore that on a big lake right?) that took us right past the Packer’s stadium.


We tried to get a good look at Bailey’s light house but it is on private land so we could only see the top and didn’t get any kind of picture. We then stopped at the Cana light house but they charged a steep admission price so we didn’t end up doing that either. The next stop was Renards Cheese’s famous cheese curds.


We finally got a good look at the lake. It is hard to see because there is sooo much vegetation and greenery and few public access points.


Chad got a handful of lake water and splashed us. It was just a turnaround not really a good place for the kids to get out. We did all get out at Sister Bay city park. The kids had a ball playing on the play ground and in the sand. Eve decided to go swimming which made me quite glad I had grabbed some extra clothes on the way out the door for her.






I took some flower pictures just for Jill but they are so pretty I will share them here too.


Chad picked up some dessert for after dinner.

We liked the decorated goats all around town.



We noticed Egg Harbor had the same kind of thing with decorated eggs all over town.
We stopped in Fish Creek (or was it cove) for dinner in a cute second story restaurant.



Then we checked out the market down stairs and found these Wisconsin made Root Beers. We had seen so many Wisconsin brews of the alcoholic kind we had been keeping our eyes open for a Wisconsin Root Beer and although it did contain corn syrup was quite good and a fun way to experience Wisconsin.

Then we enjoyed the scenic ride home and the beautiful sun set.


Not at all what I thought we would be doing today but we sure did enjoy our drive and that won’t be the last time we visit Door County.

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